Yamaha LL16D ARE Review

Adam Perlmutter Certain guitarists speak in reverent tones about “old wood”—tonewoods aged to perfection after decades of drying and vibrating. Until recently, the only way to get that old wood was to shell out for a vintage instrument. But recently guitar makers have been using temperature and … [Read more...]

3 New PRS S2 Semi-Hollow Guitars

On the first anniversary of the S2 Series, PRS is adding three new models to the lineup: the S2 Mira Semi-Hollow, S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, and the S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow. These three new models further PRS’s desire to create a complete product offering inside the S2 Series. PRS Guitars … [Read more...]

Chris Spedding's 10 lessons learned from a life in guitar

Matt Frost (Guitarist) Chris Spedding's 10 lessons learned from a life in guitar The session pro on recording, repertoire and rhythm playing British session ace Chris Spedding gives us some insight into the life lessons, creative approaches and techniques that have helped shape his in-demand axe … [Read more...]

Yamaha Electric Guitars

Since 1966 in Japan the Yamaha Electric Guitar has been manufactured. The quality of the instruments made by Yamaha is as high as the ones that they first produced and this is why they prove so popular with so many guitarists around the world today. But whether an experienced guitarist or a complete … [Read more...]

Schecter PT Fastback II B Review

Shawn Hammond Mention Schecter to the average player, and they immediately think “metal guitars”—and with good cause: Since the turn of the century, the company’s artist roster has gotten increasingly aggro. Guys like Avenged Sevenfold’s Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates, Arch Enemy’s Jeff Loomis, … [Read more...]

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar Review

Jordan Wagner Gibson has played around with the Les Paul formula for half a century now, with both great and not-so-stellar results at times. So it goes when you’re tinkering with one of the most iconic guitars of all time. One of the smartest and most successful twists on Gibson’s flagship axe … [Read more...]

7 Things New Guitar Owners Need to Know

By Dan Cross, About.com If you've just gotten your hands on your first guitar, chances are you're not entirely sure what to do next. The following suggestions should offer some guidance about how to prepare and maintain your instrument, as well as provide you with the foundational knowledge … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Marshall Amp

A Marshall amp is a great choice for any guitarist who wants a professional quality amp for playing music. However, while a guitarist knows how to play the instrument, knowing how to properly set up a Marshall amp for optimal sound often proves frustrating. Every guitarist has his or her individual … [Read more...]